Just another one of your average craft addicts. Married, working as a duty manager in a hotel, with a husband who admits he doesn’t understand my addiction but lovingly puts up with it.

Like many crafters, my stash and to do list is massive and will take far longer than I wish to admit to even think of completing – and yet I’m constantly bookmarking or buying new projects to do.

Compulsive starter, excellent procrastinator, I currently have a number of projects on the go and have no idea if or when they’ll be finished.

My primary ‘love’ is stitching, whilst I’ve been actively working on numerous cross stitch projects, recently I’ve been branching out into other types of stitchery and embroidery and am hoping to tackle my first quilt in the near future.

I love seeing what other people are doing so please share your blogs as I’d love to see what others are creating.

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