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Wedding Sampler

Well, in an effort to prove to myself that I actually did a decent amount of work on this in a bit over a week, as well as continue to remember to blog, I’ve got some progress shots of the wedding sampler!

Here’s where I was at the beginning of the year:

And, here’s where I am now:

I’m really loving how this doesn’t seem to have any shape and then all of a sudden, the face appears! Plus, I’ve finally given them both mouths so they look less creepy.

Next up I’ve been told I have to work on the eye…

I’ve managed to finish all of the missing gaps with the boy’s clothes, except for the tie – I seem to have no form of logic when stitching this and just seem to be going wherever I can stitch with the same colour thread so I don’t have to rethread my needle. 

Regardless, this seems to coming along at a fairly reasonable pace, which is good as the 2016 Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery sampler is released in a few days and I need to firstly find the kit and make sure it’s ready, and I’ll be pulling that out as soon as the pattern comes out. 

Red Riding Hood – Progress!

I’ve been on a massive cross stitch kick lately, and have managed to actually get a couple of finishes! I’ve also been incredibly behind on blogging (to the point where my website was down and I didn’t even realise – good job, me) so I have them queued up to go up in the next few days.  My embroidery is falling to the wayside and as usually I keep signing up to new projects – but here’s what I’ve been working on.

Remember how a while back I made a new start on a Heaven and Earth Designs project, even though I already had the grey blob? Well, I’m still in love with this pattern and I pulled it out again when I hit a couple of finishes.  Here’s where I was at a few months ago before it got put away:


So many different shades in there! You can kind of make out the pattern, if you know what you’re looking for. But, I did then manage to get a page finish!


You can make out the trees and some of the forest background! When I bought this chart, I bought it in the “large” format, which was a godsend – the symbols are a bit easier to read, and it helps that the pages are a bit smaller to finish.


I then promptly moved onto the second page and here’s where it is right now. The tree trunks are definitely getting some more definition to them! I also think I have a real chance of finishing this page in a week or so which is amazing for me (provided I don’t get distracted by any other projects, of course…)

I was also asked by someone to take a picture of the back for this one, so here it is.


For a piece that is so full of confetti I have to say I’m a bit proud of how neat I’ve been managing to keep the back! Don’t get me wrong, there’s threads all over the place, but I seem to have tucked them in neatly. Hopefully I can finish the rest of the things so neatly…

If you’re over on Instagram feel free to check out my page – I’m trying to remember to post a new picture daily as it’s great to go back and check out my progress especially on those days when it feels like I’ve made no progress at all!

Beginning United Stitches

A bit of a change now – some embroidery work!

I’ve made a start on the first stitchery for Rosalie Quinlan’s “United Stitches”, her 2015 block of the month (with a twist). It’s my first time using Staflex instead of Parlan, but because this is being turned into a quilt, I didn’t want parts of it to be thicker than the other. I admit, had a bit of a moment with the Staflex and wasn’t 100% confident which side was the side to iron on, but since it stayed put I figured it’d work 😉


My goal for yesterday was to finish all of the dark green. I finished that quicker than I thought, so had to revise my plan…


I’m still not a massive fan of satin stitch, mostly because I never think it looks as good as it should – but at least I’ve done a passable job. I’m really enjoying stitching this so far, probably because it’s stitching up pretty quickly (although give it a couple of months and then we’ll see how far behind I get…)


I did come across a bit of a problem though – the picture has three different shades of blue but only calls for two colours! Which doesn’t seem to add up – I’m going to have to dig out the rest of the threads and see what’s going on here, has anyone else stitched this one yet and come across the same thing?

I’m still stitching on Ode to Dogloaf (no updated pictures though) and I’m hoping to finish the bottom part of the neck today or tomorrow, and it’s really coming together!

In case you missed it, I’ve also started a Stitch-A-Long for the 2015 Story Time Sampler – head on over if you want to take a look and sign up!