Well, the first month in the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s “Pumpkin Passport” sampler has been released, along with the framework for the overall yearly sampler:

As usual, despite the sampler being a mystery and only having a small sneak peek when I signed up for it, I knew I’d fall right in love with it! And when the whole thing (well, so far) has been revealed I knew I was right. Each month is going to be a different country and I’m really excited to stitch this.

So far I’ve managed to finish the actual January “block”:

(Except for one single stitch of yellow which I forgot about, but will go back when I continue the border).  I wanted to get straight into stitching the block, so I think I stitched a letter and a half, half of the yellow border – which is currently almost all in half stitch and I need to go back and continue, and then do the other side – and then jumped straight into the block.

Like with the Story Time Sampler, my goal for this is to try and get the border and title (frames, in last year’s case) completely finished before the next release of the clue, because that way I can jump straight into it and won’t keep putting it off.  I think it’s a bit easier than last year as there’s no frames, but having all of the borders done will definitely help with having a point of reference when I go to stitch the next blocks.

I’m nearly done with the title presently, but won’t take a photo until it’s finished – the sampler is stitched in DMC threads, with the “Let’s go on an adventure” stitched in Weeks Dye Works.  The border is quite simple to do so I’m hoping that I can get through this fairly quickly and should definitely be on track to finish by the start of February when the next clue is released.

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