The 2016 Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery sampler is being released tomorrow and I’m so excited to start it! Of course, two days ago, I realised that I didn’t know where I had put the kit and the fabric so had to tear apart the house looking for it. Crisis averted, they’ve both been found and I am all prepared and eager to begin stitching it. I’m hoping I can match 2015’s pattern of finishing within a few days of release, rather than 2014, of taking 18 months to finish it…

In the meantime, I’ve been putting some serious effort into the wedding sampler and I’m pleased with how well it’s been going. I’ve been doing a combination of stitching this when I get home from work at night, and watching Friends, because apparently I’m the last person in the world to watch this, so I’ve been bingeing on Friends (I’m already up to season 3!) whilst plowing through my stitching.

Today I went along with mum (who is to blame for my craft obsession) to a new-ish stitching group which takes place near us at The Quilt Shop in Eltham – it’s a new shop which opened up a few months ago and it’s nice to have a craft store near me! I’ve only been along a couple of times but there is a sit and sew session on Monday and Friday every week, and working shift work means that I may actually be able to make some of the sessions. I was working on the sampler again and here’s where I’m up to:

We have an eye (I just need to do some backstitch on both of the eyes but will wait til I’m finished for that) and the girl’s hair is well and truly starting to take shape.  My goal with this one is to finish it, with the exception of the name & date, by the end of February. Here’s hoping?

I probably won’t get much more done on this in the next few days because I’m going to be working on the Pumpkin Passport once it’s released, and I’m not sure how big each month will be, but I’m hoping that my rate of progress on stitching will continue once my two Heaven and Earth Designs patterns come back into rotation.

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